How Do You
Influence Others
and Accelerate Results?
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Dig Into the Decide to Lead Book and Learn:
How to make decisions...
As leaders we're paid to make decisions. What framework do you use to make sure you're making the best decisions? Russ Hill shows you a four-step process for making decisions and getting alignment
HOW TO create a vision...
Leaders must be able to see and describe the destination. But, what exactly does that look like? Russ Hill takes to the flipchart to show how to capture where you're taking your team or organization
Great leaders have to be able to develop those around them. Russ Hill teaches his five stages of development. It's a simple process to help you develop others and build your team's capacity
WHAT you can EXPECT:
I wanted to help you incorporate the things I shared in the book into your day-to-day leadership right away. My ultimate goal wasn't to write a book. It was to help develop great leaders. This is part of that effort!"
-Russ Hill
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